Scanning High-Def: Layer Cake Blu-ray

Layer Cake (Sony Blu-ray Disc). Kicking off with a bang - an explosion that rips from front to back as an armored van is blown open - this 2004 pre-Casino Royale Daniel Craig movie takes us on a historical journey through the London underworld. Since there's a lot of great dialogue, it's good that the uncompressed PCM soundtrack can handle it at the same time that it's dealing with the action. The eclectic pop music doesn't overwhelm either. Everything is clear and well defined in this exceptionally open sound. The bright picture is almost as good, with excellent contrast and detail adding a roundness to faces. And Craig's icy-blue peepers pierce through every shot. Extras include a commentary by director Matthew Vaughn and writer John Connolly plus 20 minutes of deleted scenes.

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