Sanyo's new HD pocketcam features Eye-Fi

I_3p02Sanyo has a new pocket camcorder on the way, and it includes a wireless feature that until now has required a separate accessory. The Sanyo Xacti DXM-CG11 is a 720p video-shooting pocketcam with internal Eye-Fi capabilities.

Eye-Fi is a memory card product that lets users wirelessly upload their photos to their local computers, or to a Internet-based photo server. Previously, it was only available as an SDHC memory card that had to be purchased in addition to your camera or camcorder. According to Sanyo's Japanese web site (loosely translated by Google), the DXM-CG11 has Eye-Fi built in as a feature.

The camcorder also features a mini-HDMI jack, so you can plug it directly into your HDTV or receiver to watch your just-shot high-def video without bothering with any sort of uploading.

Unfortunately, it's only been confirmed in Japan so far, where it will go on sale in September for a little over $300 in Yen. We're not sure if it'll actually make an American appearance. Still, if one product can get built-in wireless uploading, then surely more products can. It's an interesting prospect, and a handy feature to offer.

Will Greenwald

[Source: Gizmodo]