Sanyo PLV-Z3 LCD Video Projector Review System

Review System

Marantz DV8400 DVD player
JVC HM-DT100 D-VHS deck
Zenith HDR230 HD DVR
Stewart Studiotek 130 (16:9, 80 inches wide, 1.3 gain specified)
Stewart FireHawk (16:9, 96 inches wide [80-inch width used], 1.35 gain specified*)
Screen Research CP2 (16:9, 96 inches wide [80-inch width used], 0.95 gain specified)
Monster and DVDO component, DVI, and HDMI video cables

*While the specified gain of the Studiotek and FireHawk screens is nearly identical, our experience has shown that the Studiotek, in practice, produces a noticeably brighter image.