Samsung's Matrix/Blu Combo Special

Perhaps trying to get your Blu-ray dollars before Black Friday, Samsung is offering a tasty combination plate. Currently, Samsung's BD-P1500 (now a Profile 2.0 player) is being sold with a great offer. The Ultimate Matrix Collection is being released this week on Blu-ray, and you can get it for free with the BD-P1500.

How much can you save?

The three biggies are all offering this special. The MSRP for just the movie box set is $129.95. At, you can get the bundle for a mere $222.00. If you were planning on getting The Ultimate Matrix anyway, this might be a deal too good to resist.

Best Buy ends up being around $299, and Circuit City runs you $249.99. Interesting . . . at Circuit City, instead of throwing in the discs for free, when you add the movie to your cart, the price of the BD-P1500 drops to $140.00.

Throw in some free popcorn, and I'm all over this! -Leslie Shapiro

Circuit City

Best Buy