Samsung's 2000nit LCD; Future's So Bright...

Not exactly primed for your home theater, Samsung has announced that they've developed a 70-inch "super bright" LCD panel, designed for outdoor advertising. They say it's the brightest mass-produced panel in the world. Let me get my shades.

The 2000nit LCD panel is one-third brighter than the previous record-holder, a 1500nit digital information display. Samsung intends this new "super bright" DID to be used outside stores, transit centers, bus shelters, and museums, to replace posters.

The new 70-inch display uses local dimming LED technology, thus reducing the increased power consumption by only brightening areas that need to be bright. The dynamic contrast ratio is a whopping 200,000:1.

See how this stacks up to your typical LCD.

This new display is four times as bright as a typical home LCD, and that brightness can be controlled, so at night, it can be dimmed to less-than-blinding levels.

From a report on Business Wire: "We developed this DID panel to jump out and call to you anywhere it's used, making a statement of rich, vivid imagery that passersby can't help but appreciate," said Scott Birnbaum, vice president, Samsung LCD Business. "Advertisers, outdoor media companies, cities, universities, hotels, and malls will be thrilled with this super bright, super-sized display that will command the most regal of appearances when the weather is dismal or even on a very bright summer day," he added.

I know they intended this TV for outdoor professional displays, but how cool would it be to have one in your home theater? Or in your backyard? My neighbors could watch from their own house. -Leslie Shapiro

Business Wire

Photo courtesy of EngadgetHD