Samsung ups the ante on immersive TV

Samsung today unveiled the biggest 3D set to come to market (that's just the Korean market for now) thus far. The 75-inch, LED-backlit D9500 sticks with Samsung's active shutter tech, and includes the expected gamut of connected features (plus a QWERTY remote and Web browser). Tipsters suggest Stateside pricing will be around $13,000, with four sets of active-shutter glasses thrown in for your money. Given the rate at which dimensions are expanding in the TV market (it wasn't so long ago LG's 72-incher seemed almost unreasonably large), we suspect that Samsung might not wear the crown for long. But things change fast. Check this space for more.

(via Engadget)

(addendum, 6/1 - Our keen-eyed reader is correct. This was the biggest 3D set available through consumer channels, since supplanted by Bang & Olufsen's 85"; the 85" and up sets available from Panasonic are indeed larger, though only available in the professional market. A fine distinction, but a distinction nonetheless.)

- Michael Berk