Samsung Unveils Terrace Outdoor 4K TV and Soundbar

Sure, we’ve been home for the past few months, and some of us are just starting to make our first tentative forays into the outside world. The problem is, we’ve become completely addicted to watching TV in the interim and are now going to need bigscreen sets in our backyards as well. All of which makes Samsung’s announcement of its first outdoor TV and soundbar especially timely.

The Terrace is an LCD Ultra HDTV with a direct full-array LED backlight that supports the HDR10+ and HDR10 formats and features Samsung’s Quantum Processor 4K for upscaling. Available in 75-, 65-, and 55-inch screen sizes, it comes with the company’s Tizen Smart TV platform, which provides all the usual streaming app suspects along with Samsung TV Plus, a free service with over 120 channels. Voice control options include Bixby and Amazon Alexa, with support for Google Assistant soon to come.

A TV needs to deliver ample brightness to compete with sunlight in an outdoor environment. According to Samsung, the Terrace is rated for a whopping 2,000 nits, and it also features an anti-reflective coating and the company’s Wide Viewing Angle tech to improve image uniformity when viewing from off-center seats. The solid metal design display has an IP55 rating, making it resistant to both water and dust. Along with its HDMI inputs, connectivity options include Wi-Fi and HDBaseT, plus a Bluetooth output to send audio to a soundbar or wireless speaker.


The Terrace soundbar matches the rugged cosmetics of the outdoor TV and is also IP55-rated. According to Samsung, the three-channel bar has “outdoor optimized sound,” with distortion cancelling technology to enhance bass and a “wide-range tweeter” to even out sound distribution. Audio connection options include optical digital, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. Both a wall mount and a Terrace TV mount that attaches directly to the set are included.

The Terrace TVs and soundbar are available now.

  • 75LST7T: $6,499
  • 65LST7T: $4,999
  • 55LST7T: $3,499
  • HW-LST70T soundbar: $1,199

Check out the videos at this link to learn more about the The Terrace TV, Soundbar, and the entire Samsung Lifestyle TV lineup.

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I love our screen porch (i.e. I'm an obsessive porch squatter) and I have thought how nice it would be to have an HDTV. Currently I use a laptop and occasionally set up my pico projector/screen. But I digress, the point is more and more homes feature what can only be called outdoor living rooms. The curb appeal progression has went from elevated master baths, open kitchens with entertaining room, to "don't forget the backyard living room. I can see why Samsung is dipping into what was formerly a niche aftermarket modder market. The highpoints are certainly making it robustly water and dust resistant and eliminating the needs for ugly or difficult to retro-install wiring. I was primed and ready until I saw the pricing. For the overpaid executives and bluebloods it's a pittance, but for a lot of working stiffs it's like the prices when flatscreens first arrived. I'll wait and in the meantime I'll share some observations. I've noticed a lot of folks putting non-outdoor rated flatscreens outdoors when they have an area that is relatively well covered as far as an overhead roof goes. One of my friends has had an older Sony he previously used inside relegated to his back porch. I ask him if he's had any problems because his isn't even that well covered as it resides under the eaves of his home. He said in three years it never failed to come on and play so he's fine with it if it dies now because between using inside and outside his home every day outside is like bonus time. I wonder how many folks use old TVS outdoors and how well covered they have these and are they getting use or having to chunk TVS?

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How does this do in tight curves?