Samsung SyncMaster 244T LCD Monitor ATI All-in-Wonder X1900

ATI All-in-Wonder X1900


Offspring of ATI's Radeon X1900, the world's fastest consumer 3D graphics processor, the ATI All-in-Wonder X1900 is an affordable, single-card solution for high-end gaming, video capture, playback, and TV viewing, with both an NTSC tuner and an interactive programming guide. The PCI Express interface enables high video bandwidth, while the 32-bit, multi-threaded shader core with 48-pixel pipelines (shaders create the often complex surfaces of 3D objects) performs akin to more expensive dedicated graphics cards. It has a 500-megahertz clock-speed graphics engine and a whopping 256 megabytes of super-fast GDDR3 RAM for the most demanding games. Advanced adaptive antialiasing also drastically reduces distracting jaggies, delivered via up to 1080i high-definition component video output from the included adapter. It also has dual integrated DVI outs at up to 1080p. The Windows XP Media Center Edition–compatible AiW X1900 features ATI's Avivo technology for realistic video reproduction, combined with the benefit of hardware-assisted decoding of the soon-to-be-everywhere H.264 video codec, easing the load on your CPU.
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