Runco's Ultimate Plasma TVs

Runco. always know for their premier video displays. has added multiple new 1080p plasma monitors to its line of high-end video display solutions. The five new CinemaWall and PlasmaWall displays are the world's first to feature Runco's exclusive OPAL (Optical Path ALignment) technology. While other manufacturer's seem to be abandoning plasma TV, Runco is enhancing its performance to exceed anything currently available.

Runco's proprietary OPAL technology enhances black level, detail, and clarity within dark scenes. It also reduces surface light reflections on the glass screen, a common viewing distraction, which has been a factor in plasma TVs losing favor among consumers in recent years.

The new CinemaWall and PlasmaWall plasma displays also feature Runco's signature engineering and advanced video processing technologies, including exclusive Vivix processing, VirtualWide discrete multiple aspect ratio control, a broad array of video input choices, and ISF calibration modes for reference level video quality in diverse lighting conditions. The CinemaWall XP-OPAL50 and XP-OPAL65 feature integrated video processing, while the PlasmaWall XP-OPAL50 DHD, XP-OPAL65 DHD and XP-65 DHD3 feature Runco's next-generation DHD 3 external video controller processor.

The sleek, black bezel on all models integrates well in most decors. The units sell for the following MSRP's:
CinemaWall XP-OPAL50 - $6,995
CinemaWall XP-OPAL65 - $13,495
PlasmaWall XP-OPAL50 DHD - $8,995
PlasmaWall XP-65 DHD3 - $13,495
PlasmaWall XP-OPAL65 DHD - $15,495

More information about these advanced TVs can be found at Runco's website.