Rumor Alert: AT&T Looking at DirecTV

Who doesn't love a juicy rumor? Jen is seen with John, Brangelina are splitting, or together again, and who really cares what Paris or Pamela are up to?

Of course, stock market rumors aren't nearly as salacious as celebrity news, but they still pique our interest.

Multichannel News has an interesting report from Wall Street analyst Tom Eagan. Lots of financial mumbo-jumbo talk later, Eagan reports that the probability of AT&T acquiring DirecTV has increased.

The article had a pungent quote from the chairman of  Liberty Media.

In an attempt to downplay the buy-up of DirecTV stock, John Malone said, "Just because we’re spinning this to our shareholders, don’t expect some quick shotgun marriage between DirecTV and the entertainment unit.”

Since Liberty isn't merging with DirecTV, analyst Eagan expects that Liberty will sell its stake in DirecTV to AT&T.

This is all stock market speculation, and these days, if you can predict what any stock or corporation will do, maybe you should be running for office. —Leslie Shapiro

Multichannel News