RSL Speakers Speedwoofer 10S Subwoofer Review Specs

10 in aluminum-frame high-excursion woofer; 375 watts RMS; 15 x 16 x 16.75 in (WxHxD), 40 lb; optional wireless transmitter; line-level RCA input (2), line-level RCA output (2), speaker input (2)
Price: $399 ($449 with optional wireless transmitter)

Company Info
RSL Speakers
(800) 905-5485

RSL Speakers
(800) 905-5485

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A good read.

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Read the review and thought I found a sub I could afford. Pop out to their site and see $750. Not even close to the price you listed. So disappointed.

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You're looking at the Speedwoofer 10, not the Speedwoofer 10s. Here's the link:
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Thanks for posting a link to the correct sub. Much appreciated.

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No problem. If you get the sub, be sure to come back and let me know what you think of it. I recommended it to "Barry" who loved it enough to post a review on RSL's website.
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I've read my fair share of reviews since discovering this website and it says a-lot that these speakers such praise. I plan to get one of these subwoofers with 2 Rsl CG4 to get my system started.

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Thanks David for your excellent review. Although I was hoping that you would mention few more tracks or movie soundtracks that you tested with, and/or had a chance to compare with few other subwoofers in the same category (SVS PB-1000 or SB-1000 come to my mind) to come to your conclusion.

I could be wrong, but I did notice few things:

1) Your article says Speedwoofer 10S is a 375-Watt subwoofer, whereas RSL website says it is 350-Watt.
2) There are very limited information in RSL website on this product. It doesn't really mention anything about its frequency response, weight, whether it is a ported or sealed sub, and if ported, what's the port size, etc. Lack of information indeed makes us (consumers) nervous and think twice before buying the product. Although I must admit, RSL's 30-day in-home trial period with free shipping are certainly a good deal.

As always, I thoroughly enjoy your review and take your recommendations very seriously. So, please keep 'em coming.


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Does this mean that now this sub will appear in Top Picks? If it hasn't why not? If it will when will it be posted by?

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Upon further investigation, the 10s is not listed on the "Top Picks" page but is listed as the budget subwoofer winner for the 2016 Top Picks of the Year.

It would be nice if the 10s was added to the normal Top Picks page given how prominent the list is on the home page and the fact that the 2016 Top Picks page is buried on the site.

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You make a few references to Hsu and SVS subs. In particular, your conclusion states "the pair of these [10s] damn near matched the audible and tactile impact of either the Hsu or the SVS when used alone."

To what model Hsu and SVS subs are you referring? And are those single or dual sub setups?

To echo another comment, I also find it interesting that despite the glowing comments this sub hasn't made it onto the "top picks" page after 8 months.