Rotel RVD-995 Disc Player Features Balanced Circuitry

All DVD players will also play compact discs, but many will not play CD-Rs, as music lovers have discovered to their dismay. Rotel addresses this oversight with its new RVD-995, a multi-format compatible disc player equally at home with DVD-Video, CDs, and CD-Rs. You can now enjoy your compilation discs on the same player you use for movies.

The RVD-995 takes balanced circuitry design, long established in the professional audio world as a low-noise technology, into the video realm. "The RDV-995 benefits from our track record in designing and producing award-winning CD players," said Michael Bartlett, Rotel's V.P. & General Manager. "In fact, some of us think of the RDV-995 as simply a very sophisticated CD and CD-R player that just happens to play DVD-V discs, too. In making the transition from audio-only to A/V products, we haven't lost sight of the fact that our customers are demanding audiophiles at heart." Bartlett says his company's balanced designs provide "the best synthesis of both advanced and time-proven technologies to enhance customers' satisfaction."

The RVD-995 boasts high-speed single-bit D/A converters with 24-bit/96-kHz resolution, and a fully isolated high-current power supply that operates on any AC voltage from 100Hz to 250Hz. Digital outputs include Dolby Digital, DTS, and PCM for use by a separate processor if desired. The high-current analog audio output stage is in keeping with Rotel long tradition of quality. Picture quality is maximized by a 10-bit, 27-MHz video D/A converter, user-adjustable by the RVD-995's "Video Fine" feature. Component, S-video, or composite video outputs make the player a versatile performer.

One unusual feature is the availability of both NTSC and PAL video outputs on the unit's rear panel, making the RVD-995 compatible in most places in the world. The player goes on sale in November at about $899 retail.