A Rose By Any Other Name...

It used to be that a brand name was just that. You always knew exactly what you were getting when you opened the box -- the name on the outside matched the components on the inside. These days, you can never tell. In the latest round of re-badging, Sharp is selling LCD panels to Sanyo, who's trying to make a name in the consumer electronics field. Sanyo started getting displays from Sharp in April, and is looking to other suppliers too. Sharp is the third-largest manufacturer of LCD TVs in the world, just behind Samsung and Sony. See who else is looking at Sharp.

Interior_kameyama02 Sony, Toshiba and Pioneer have all indicated plans to purchase LCD panels from Sharp. To accomodate the increased interest in their displays, Sharp is building a new factory in Japan which should be online in March, 2010.

Sanyo is trying to grow their consumer electronics business. More known for rechargeable batteries, memory and digital cameras, they're also talking about joining forces with Sharp to produce home appliances.

Let's see what happens down the line when someone talks about how much better a Sharp LCD display looks compared to a Sanyo. A rose by any name still looks sharp. Point them to this blog and set them straight.-Leslie Shapiro

Via I4U News