Roku Confirms HD Streaming From Netflix

Last week we announced that Netflix was going to start streaming HD movies to devices including the Roku. As we mentioned, there are about 300 HD titles that will be available for streaming to that particular black box, in addition to the already available 12,000 SD titles.

Roku has finally come out with an official response to this on their user forums.

Here's what they had to say:

- Roku will be delivering Netflix in HD by the end of the year - Roku will be using Advanced Profile encodes which will deliver HD at substantially lower bit-rates than what Xbox is offering - The number of titles is up to Netflix but the library will be the same as, or larger than, the Xbox library - The UI will be updated to run in 720p and more covers will be visible on the screen at a time - The release will include another major new feature that you’ll have to wait a bit longer to learn about
"All of us at Roku truly appreciate your interest and support. We build these products for you and it’s hugely gratifying to get your feedback – even when you’re unhappy with us. We will continue to do everything we can to deliver the best content at the best value in the most consumer-friendly manner possible." 

Added in another post, "Using a more advanced codec, we can deliver equal or better quality at lower bit-rates."

Another major new feature? Roku, you're such a tease! —Leslie Shapiro

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