Rock of the Dead: Music appreciation for zombies

We don't often talk about the Nintendo Wii on this blog, and for good reason. It doesn't support high-def, it isn't as good with audio as its competitors, and it's simply not very impressive for home theater buffs. At least, it's not very impressive until you figure out how to use it to kill zombies with your Guitar Hero controller.

This spring, Rock of the Dead will be hitting the Nintendo Wii. Instead of killing zombies with a gamepad or a light gun (or a keyboard, in the case of Typing of the Dead), you slaughter the undead with the power of rock. As each zombie lumbers toward you, you can kill them with a series of riffs, as if you were playing Rock Band.

Unfortunately, the music selection looks to be sparse. Instead of a ton of licensed tunes like in Guitar Hero and Rock Band, Rock of the Dead will consist mostly of White Zombie and Rob Zombie tracks, and remixed classical music. On the bright side, it will feature the voices of Neil Patrick Harris and Felicia Day, so you can pretend it's the video game adaptation of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. The game will be budget-priced, between $30 and $40 when it hits stores this spring.

Will Greenwald

[Source: IGN via GamingTarget][Photo: IGN]