RI, DE, MD, and UT Have Fastest Internet in U.S.

How fast is your internet? If you live in Delaware, Maryland, Rhode Island, or Utah, congratulations! Your state is home to some of the country’s fastest internet speeds in the country, according to the Consumer Technology Association’s Innovation Scorecard.

Each of the four states earned an A+ for internet speed on the scorecard, which assesses how states are progressing with technology and how friendly they are to innovation. The states had average internet speeds of around 19 Mbps in 2016, all up from around 15 Mbps in 2015, and around 2 Mbps over the 2015 national average.

New York, New Jersey, and Virginia also achieved top-tier status, each earning a solid A with average internet speeds of around 18 Mbps; Washington state earned an A– with average speeds of 17 Mbps.

At the opposite end of the spectrum were Idaho, Kentucky, and Mississippi, which received an F for having average internet speeds below 11 Mbps. Alaska, Ohio, and West Virginia received a D– with average speeds around 11 Mbps; Maine (D), Louisiana (D+), and New Mexico (D+) also found themselves in the bottom tier with average speeds of about 12 Mbps or less (Maine).

Find out how your state ranks in terms of internet speed and other innovation-related attributes here.

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I remember in high school one of the smaller guys in athletics could bench press more than many of the taller guys. Was this a sign of bigger strength? No, he just had much shorter arms. Good guy and he deserved what he worked for, but comparing how something "averages" in a small urban area verses the rest of the US is not anything to brag about. (Utah has a small population in a huge state crammed mainly in a few parts of it).

Again, glad they have good service, but some states with larger areas may actually nave more miles of faster service averaged agains a much bigger area where it is not profitable to upgrade every 6 months to faster speeds.

Such are numbers.....