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Test Bench

In its User 1 picture and Warm color temperature modes, the W1070 measured fairly close to D6500, with mid-bright images lacking green. Calibration, however, tended to make things slightly worse. The grayscale points  that I calibrated improved, but mid-tones drifted quite warm.

Before calibration, color points measured a little off the HDTV standard. Each point was slightly wrong, as was its overall level. Both of these can be adjusted via the projector’s color management system. Blue still tends to be a little cyan, but the levels can get lined up near perfect.

In the Normal lamp mode, I measured 44.34 ftL on a 102-inch, 1.0-gain 16x9 screen with a full white image. With a black image, I measured 0.0233 ftL,for a contrast ratio of 1,903:1. In the Economic lamp mode, the numbers were 30.63 and 0.0153 ftL,for a contrast ratio of 2,002:1. The SmartEco mode combines these results, keeping the max light output at 44.5 ftL and dropping the black level to 0.0153 ftL,for a dynamic contrast ratio of 2,908:1. Additional brightness (50-plus ftL) is possible at the expense of grayscale accuracy.

The W1070 can resolve every pixel in a 1080p image.

BenQ W1070 calibration charts


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...if perfectly reasonable comments/questions are going to be quietly deleted? (Like my last comment asking why this projector was calibrated at 100 IRE instead of 70 or 80 IRE.)

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Why calibrate at the 100 IRE point if that throws off all the middle of the chart? Wouldn't it be better to calibrate 70 or 80 IRE so that the errors were only at the extreme ends instead of all through the middle (where most program content lives)?