ReplayTV Studio Readies to Stream Movies and Videos

Personal TV will never be the same, says Kim LeMasters, CEO of ReplayTV, Inc. On November 20, the Mountain View, California-based maker of the ReplayTV personal video recorder announced the establishment of ReplayTV Studios, a joint venture with Universal Studios to produce and broadcast original programming for the ReplayTV network.

Located in Los Angeles, Replay Studios will deliver "a rich line-up of unique short films, music videos, sneak previews, and behind-the-scenes features," according to a company press release. First offerings—likely to be of marginal interest to movie fans, but representing a risk-free way to ease into content provision—will include trailers of theatrical releases such as How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Billy Elliot, and The Family Man, to be followed by "behind-the-scenes" views of the making of Gladiator and Nutty Professor II: The Klumps. A Janet Jackson music video will be included in the first broadcast.

The second broadcast will appear in December, with concert footage of rock groups The Wallflowers and Green Day provided by Universal Music Group. Later offerings will be expanded to include sneak previews of films from the world's top film studios and TV networks, short films, and more behind-the-scenes features.

"With the launch of ReplayTV Studios, our viewers get to see unique content they can't get anywhere else, while sampling the tremendous variety of programming available through the ReplayTV Service," said ReplayTV Studios chief Rob Kenneally. "At the same time, content providers can now introduce new films, shows, and specials to our customers. By offering consumers something extra, studios and networks can connect with viewers in new ways to attract them to their offerings."

In addition to Universal Studios, partners in the personal TV venture include NBC, Showtime Networks, Cartoon Network, Fox Network, and NewLine Cinema—all of whom will provide programming on a monthly-update basis, Kenneally said. ReplayTV subscribers will be able to record the programming automatically on their ReplayTV PVRs.