Redbox Goes Blu

Isn't it ironic? Redbox, the DVD rental kiosks that are springing up everywhere, is going Blu. A few Blu-rays have been spotted in the big red boxes in the Northwest, and there are hints that you'll be able to reserve them on the redbox website. With over 10,000 locations, including a number located inside of Wal-mart and McDonalds, these boxes will certainly bring Blu-ray to the masses.

How much will they cost to rent?

For those lucky few in the Northwest region who have the Blu-ray option are reporting that they cost the same $1 as DVDs

For now, you'll just have to keep checking the redbox kiosks to see if your area had Blu-rays, but also check the redbox website for reservations.

This will go a long way towards promoting the product - if it costs the same to rent, why not buy Blu-ray next time you have to buy a player? —Leslie Shapiro