Real Men Wear Pink (Or Buy Scosche For the Women in Their Life)

As you probably know, October is breast cancer awareness month. Hard to avoid the pinking of every product under the sun. While I generally oppose the “pink it and shrink it” mentality when designing products for women, I do appreciate a company that puts their money where their pink is - and donates a significant percentage of their proceeds to a cause. Scosche Industries is partnering with the National Breast Cancer Foundation to create the goPINK for Hope line of audio products and accessories. Scosche is donating 25% of all proceeds from the sale of this product line, and all goPINK products are currently discounted by 25%.

Scosche has designated several of their products for the goPINK for Hope campaign. The audio collection includes the  boomBOTTLE which I reviewed a few weeks ago. It’s a portable Bluetooth speaker that is designed to fit in the waterbottle cage on a bike, or waterbottle pocket on a backpack. Had they sent me a pink one, I would have proudly used it on the 3-Day Breast Cancer walk I participated in last weekend. Hey, it’s even waterproof.

Other audio products include the SportclipAIR wireless earbuds designed for use while working out, and the lobeDOPE on-ear headphone.  Scosche also has a line of accessories in the goPINK for Hope collection that include the superCUBE flip, a universal USB wall charger, the flatOUT LED, a lighted Lightning or micro-USB charge cable, the strikeLINE, a Lightning cable with enhanced stress-relief, and the boltBOX which features a retractable charging/sync cable for micro-USB.

Before we get all political, it should be noted that the recipient of Scosche’s donations, the National Breast Cancer Foundation, isn’t associated with any of the controversies of one of the other major breast cancer charities. And while the recovery rate and survival rate for breast cancer is increasing every year, it is still a serious health issue (for men too) and if purchasing a pink pair of headphones helps find a cure, why not?

It’s easy to become desensitized by the onslaught of pink in October. However, the reality is that even today, one out of eight women will be diagnosed with this cancer. Think of eight women you love - your mother, sisters, daughters, or wife.  Which one might be that one in eight? Buy them all one of these products to let them know you’re looking out for them.