Pure Digital Technologies Flip Mino HD -- World's Tiniest Camcorder

Lots of companies are putting out so-called HD mini camcorders. They have the numbers, but they just don't look good on anything besides YouTube. That's about to change.

The world's smallest HD camcorder just hit the streets. The Flip Mino HD from Pure Digital Technologies has a resolution of 720p, records at 30fps or 60fps, 1,280 x 720. Other cameras have similar specs, and it takes a lot more to make a good-looking HD image. Hopefully, the Mino HD will live up to the hype.

More details . . .

Weighing just over 3 ounces, the Flip Mino HD has 4 GB of memory. That gives it up to 60 minutes of recording time. It comes with software that makes it easy to organize and share the images from your computer. Minimum focus distance is 1.5 meters. So, still not quite on par with the big boys, but for fun stuff, this will do the trick.

Need more fun? You can completely customize the look of the Mino - from either a bevy of preset designs, or create your own custom look.

All this fun and technology can be yours for a list price of $229, but look for bargains at Amazon.com. The Flip Mino HD is small enough so you can take it everywhere, because you never know when fun is gonna happen. -Leslie Shapiro