PSB Image: pretty speakers at plunging prices

During the last two years, PSB has been overhauling the look of its speakersbut only for customers with big bucks to spend. The company's latest line brings its newly winning industrial design down to much more practical price points. The revised Image line echoes the look of the Imagine line released last year, but the price has fallen dramatically. The Imagine T, a tower speaker with dual-inch woofers, costs $2,000 a pair, but the Image T5 tower gives you the same basic cabinet and driver configuration for a mere $899 a pair.

Like the Imagine speakers, the new Image speakers have no visible fasteners. PSB founder and chief engineer Paul Barton describes the design as "a little more organic-looking" than past Image series speakers.

Barton says the Image speakers, despite being radically less expensive than the Imagine or ImagegroupHI The Image line includes two tower speakers, two two-way monitor (i.e., bookshelf) speakers, a minimonitor/surround speaker, two center speakers, and a bipolar surround speaker. (The $499/pair B6 monitor speaker is shown above.) Prices range from $299/pair for the B4 minimonitor to $1,199/pair for the B6 tower speaker. All models are expected to be available in late September, in two vinyl finishes: black ash or dark cherry.

Brent Butterworth