Projection Screen Disguise

Offering up one of the more unique solutions for concealing a projection screen, Beamax has introduced the X-series Dellegno, which allows an 80-inch screen to ascend vertically from the stylish and contemporary cabinet, transforming a room-friendly piece of furniture into a large screen experience.

One of the greatest challenges in a home installation is to integrate a projection screen into a meticulously decorated room. With the X-series Dellegno you can hide the projection screen from view when it's not in use. Designed to blend into virtually any environment, the X-series Dellegno can be finished in your choice of color, at no additional cost.

The projection screen measures 80” diagonally in a 16:9 aspect ratio and comes with black borders to enhance the perceived brightness of the projected image. Its compact size allows it to be integrated into small to medium sized living rooms, or even bedrooms. Moreover, the small footprint saves valuable floor and wall space. The stock cabinet is finished in a piano black, high gloss finish.

Installation and operation is about as simple as it gets since the projection screen and cabinet are delivered completely assembled and ready for operation. Just plug the electrical cable into the wall and use the supplied infrared remote control to raise and lower the screen. It's also possible to integrate the X-series Dellegno into a universal learning remote or a complete home automation system.

Available through Beamax dealers, the X-series Dellegno retails for $2699. You can call Beamax at 1-800-917-5943 to locate a dealer near you.