'Predators' trailer fake-out results in disappointment, possible refund


(Warning, mild spoilers!)

Predators hasn't exactly wowed critics or fans. While a passable movie and certainly superior to the terrible Alien Vs. Predators films, it doesn't hit the same notes as the beloved original Predator.

The most notable disappointment is the trailer's promise of dozens of Predators, teased by countless signature three-red-dot sights appearing on Adrian Brody's body during the trailer. Since each triple dot corresponds with a Predator's shoulder cannon, it was logical to assume that Predators would involve tons of Predators. Instead, the movie only featured four, and only three of them were hunters who were after the main characters.

This disappointment has resulted in some complaints from fans, and according to a letter written by "David" to The Consumerist, a refund. David wrote that he complained to 20th Century Fox about the movie, and received the following message:

"We're sorry you were disappointed in the film, and will send you the $4.80. Could you please send me your address, and I will send you a check as soon as possible."

Unfortunately, there aren't any other details about the refund, such as whether it was full or partial (who charges just $4.80 for a movie?), whether it was indeed paid, or whether others have gotten similar offers for compensation for the film.

Did you see Predators? Was it disappointing? Entertaining? Enough to make you want to get a refund?

Will Greenwald