The Popcorn Bowl Needs You!

Now this is a contest I can get excited about! Netflix is sponsoring the Netflix Movie Watching World Championship: The Quest for the Popcorn Bowl!

In an attempt to snag a Guinness World Record, eight contestants will begin watching 56 movies for about 121 hours, right in Times Square in New York City. No naps allowed. The current world record is 120 hours and 23 minutes, and the record holder will be among the contestants trying to defend his record.

Six contestants have already been chosen, but you can apply to be in on the insanity. What can you win?

In addition to bragging rights as a world-record-holding slacker, the winner will receive a $10,000 cash prize, the Popcorn Bowl trophy, and a lifetime subscription to Netflix.

You can apply on Netflix's Facebook page, but be warned: The rules are tough. Rules require contestants to watch the movies without averting their eyes from the screen, and medical professionals will determine if contestants are really looking at the screen, or just spacing out while staring at the screen.

I could win this one in a heartbeat. I wonder what movies they're showing. If there's a really gross scene, I would get disqualified by looking away. Hmm, maybe I should stick to my day job. -Leslie Shapiro

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