Poll Results: Ultra HD Tops Holiday Gift List

TV—specifically 4K/Ultra HD and OLED—top the holiday shopping lists of Sound & Vision readers who responded to last week’s poll question: “What’s Your Top AV Gift Pick for 2014?” Ultra HD netted 22 percent of the votes, followed by OLED TV (15 percent), AV receiver (14 percent), and headphones (9 percent). Regular old HDTV was a distant second to OLED, gaining only 4 percent of the votes, proving once again that the S&V crowd is all about the latest and greatest technology. Here are the full results:

22% 4K/Ultra HDTV


14% AV receiver

9% Headphones

7% Game console

7% Home theater speaker system

6% Turntable

5% Streaming media player (Roku, etc.)

4% HDTV (1080p LCD/LED)

4% Blu-ray box set

3% Portable wireless/Bluetooth speaker

2% Soundbar

1% Music box set