Poll Results: Surround Height Channels Make a Respectable Showing

With the new Dolby Atmos surround format on the immediate horizon we wondered how many Sound & Vision readers’ are using special surround processing to derive height channels in their current home theater setups. Turns out that nearly a quarter of respondents have setups with height channels—a respectable showing considering the effort involved in installing extra speakers.

Here’s the complete breakdown of answers to the question we posed: Is Your Home Theater Configured with Height Channels?

78% No, I have a conventional 5.1/7.1/etc. surround-sound configuration.

7% Yes, I use them with Dolby Pro Logic IIz.

6% Yes, my Yamaha receiver is set up with “presence” channels for Cinema DSP HD3.

5% Yes, I use them with DTS Neo:X.

4% Yes, I use them with Audyssey DSX.

1% Yes, I use them with surround processing not listed above.

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S&V staff, are the Dolby Atmos ceiling channels (i.e. .4 or .2) full range 20hz-20,000khz? What ceiling speakers would give near full range dynamics? Most I have seen are smaller ceiling speakers and would not have the cabinet volume to support strong bass that is not necessarily routed to a subwoofer. I understand that most people will route all bass to a subwoofer but not everyone...especially those with floorstanding speakers capable of full range sound with separate outboard multichannel amp (McIntosh MC303). Your thoughts....

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That should read that more than 1/5th rather than almost 1/4th. 78% puts it at an estimated 80% and 22% is closer to 1/5th than 1/4th. Now if it had been 23% - round up. Just sayin ;)