Pioneer's TV division hits the dusty trail

8202008182015For the last two years, Pioneer Kuro plasmas have sit squarely at the top of our HDTV heap. Both the PRO-110FD and the PRO-111FD earned their years' respective Editor's Choice award for Best Product of the Year, and they've been roundly considered to be among the finest flat panels on the market.

Unfortunately, starting next year, we won't be seeing any more of them.

Pioneer has announced that it will no longer be in the TV business. By March 2010, Pioneer will cease production on all displays. The company will still produce other home theater equipment, but this is a crushing blow for people who have been holding off on getting a Kuro. Consumers can still get Kuro PRO-111FD's, but there won't be any new models on the way.

So long, Kuro. We hardly knew, yo.

Will Greenwald