Pioneer: Reports of Plasma's Death Greatly Exaggerated

Okay, plasma-lovers. Take a deep breath.

We know that news of Pioneer's plans to exit the plasma-making business caught a lot of you off guard. Not because all home theater enthusiasts own a beautiful, industry-leading model from Pioneer's Kuro line, but because many of us aspire to. If Pioneer axes this attractive product, along with its talented crew of research and development engineers, we may never have the chance to buy one in the future.

But don't jump to conclusions.

Pioneer hasn't exactly shared its plans yet. An official report from Pioneer is expected on Friday, but the company's North American division had this to say:

"The current press coverage was not released by Pioneer so it may be misleading and contains many inaccuracies. Pioneer reviews its display business strategy every year looking to maximize profitability and efficiency. At this time, the Company is not announcing any decisions with regards to manufacturing of any single component of its plasma displays. We will announce Pioneer's display strategy in detail at the information meeting in Japan to be held on March 7th and via press release to the rest of the world later that day."

Stay tuned for news from Pioneer's president, Tamihiko Sudo. -Rachel Rosmarin