Pioneer Once Again a TV Maker

In a surprise announcement, Pioneer revealed that it will re-enter the TV manufacturing arena. No, it won’t resume building its world-beating Kuro plasmas. But it will make LED-backlit, 1080p, Wi-Fi streaming sets of 55, 46, and 40 inches. Dixons Retail has an exclusive agreement to develop and sell Pioneer TVs in European markets through Currys & PC World stores. No word on whether Pioneer would resume making TVs for North America and other markets. Pioneer quit the television business in 2009 and licensed its Elite TV brand to Sharp in 2011.

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What is the point of them going back into the TV business if they are not bringing anything new and innovative to the game? Pioneer branded TV's will head the way of RCA, Zenith, Magnavox, etc.. Pioneer should partner with the Chinese TV companies to bring Kuro level and better sets, larger than 65 inches, to the world markets at prices that competes with Vizio.

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Why would they want to partner with a bunch of crooks like the Chinese? That is the last thing they should do.

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Thought they were going to announce a new plasma technology... boooo

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Without 4K why bother?