Pinnacle's super-slim subwoofer soon shipping

Pinnacle clip_image004At less than 5 inches thick, Pinnacle's new Slim Sub 66 might be the slimmest subwoofer available. The unpowered, dual 6.5-inch cone sub measures just 4.75 inches deep, making it simple to squeeze behind the sofa for maximum seat-thumping. Pinnacle claims it can reach down to 28 Hz, an impressive bass depth for such a small package.

To drive the Slim Sub 66, Pinnacle is also offering the Pin Amp 800, an 800-watt amplifier. If 800 watts seems like a lot for just one little subwoofer, that's because it is; the Pin Amp 800 can power up to 4 Slim Sub 66's at a time, in the same or different rooms. Both the Slim Sub 66 and the Pin Amp 800 are currently shipping, with the subwoofer retailing for $595 and the amp for $565.

Will Greenwald