Philips RC9800i Touchscreen Universal Remote Control At A Glance & Ratings

At a Glance
RF or IR: IR
Other connection types: USB, 3.5-mm audio line-out (on cradle)
Learning or Preprogrammed: Both
Buttons reassignable: Yes
Built-in Memory 32-MB flash memory, 32-MB SDRAM
Backlighting: Yes
Batteries: None, charges with dock
Dimensions(H x W x D): 1.02 x 4.01 x 5.9
Weight (pounds): 0.5
Price: $600

Ratings Build Quality: 94
• Attractive faceplate
• Sturdy hard buttons

Value: 90
• Can replace a houseful of remotes
• Cannot control non A/V devices

Features: 93
• Being able to play media from PC great for entertaining
• Electronic Program Guide keeps you up-to-date on your favorite shows

Performance: 92
• Category organization aids fast use
• Quickly and accurately switches between electronics

Ergonomics: 91
• Excellent button design and placement
• No storage for stylus

Overall: 92
The RC9800i is an excellent buy for someone looking to replace all of their remotes and connect their home

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