Philips Monitor Achieves HDR1000 Certification

Philips has announced that its new 43-inch Momentum 436M6 4K/Ultra HD monitor, due out this summer for $1,000, is the first to achieve DisplayHDR 1000 certification from the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA).

DisplayHDR, the first fully open standard for specifying high dynamic range (HDR) quality, has three tiers: the baseline DisplayHDR 400, midrange DisplayHDR 600, and high-performance DisplayHDR 1000. VESA tests eight parameters to determine a monitor’s performance tier, including peak-luminance, contrast, color gamut coverage (BT.709 and DCI-P3), bit-depth, and black to white luminance (HDR) response time.

The DisplayHDR 1000 tier has a peak brightness of up to 1,000 nits (1,000 cd/m2) for “much greater brightness” and “deeper, more nuanced darks,” according to Philips.

Philips also says the combination of DisplayHDR 1000 performance and its Quantum Dot Color produces “a wider range of more accurate colors — especially dark reds and greens — that stay crisp and clear even in bright light.”

The Momentum 436M6 monitor also features Philip’s Ambiglow technology, which creates an “immersive halo” of light around the screen, the color and brightness of which are automatically adapted to what’s on the screen. The effect is adjustable.

“As with any new technology, there can be confusion out there regarding HDR specs and benefits,” said Chris Brown, global marketing manager for EPI/TPV, which is licensed to market Philips-brand monitors in North America. “VESA’s new DisplayHDR standard will make monitor shopping easier by offering consumers a comparable standard to judge HDR picture performance between monitors. The DisplayHDR 1000 level of picture performance will offer a more intense gaming and entertainment experience. The contrast and color really bring action scenes alive, like we’ve never seen before.”

The monitor also supports of MultiView technology, which enables video from two devices to be displayed onscreen simultaneously.

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