A Peek at TiVo's New Testing Interface

TiVo is looking at improving their user interface. Lord knows that with so many new features, they have to develop an easier way to let you find everything.

The new interface, that's in focus-group testing, has features such as ads on top of the main menu screen, perhaps a way to appease advertisers who feel TiVo lets users skip their high-dollar advertisements.

What else is in the sneak peek?

Nutivo The whole look is quite polished, that's for sure. New ways of keeping the whole family's preferences organized. There's a Picture-in-Guide feature that lets you see the show you're watching while scrolling through the guide. I wish my first generation DirecTV receiver would do that - it changes channels while you surf. Bummer.

There are an array of thumbnail images that combine favorites, suggested programs, and recently watched programs.

This is just in focus-group testing, so no guarantee we'll ever see this in production, plus no word if this will effect Series 2 units or just new HD TiVo units. -Leslie Shapiro


Images from Gizmodo