Parrot's Zikmu Speakers Have Style, NXT

Parrot loves Bluetooth, so they teamed up with Phillippe Starck to create a pair of NXT-powered speakers to play nice with your WiFi and iPod-like devices. The oddly-named Zikmu speakers claim 100 W of output from two NXT panels sitting atop some attractive-looking bases. They stand about 2-feet tall and have a built-in dock for an apple portable. What's interesting is the built-in WiFi that lets you stream audio from your network, as well as the built-in Bluetooth, which negates the need for a cord to connect the speakers together. Personally, I'd worry that moving them apart would let the Bluetooth murder your sound fidelity, but I haven't heard them so I can't say for sure. At 2.5-feet tall and $1,500 a pair, they won't be replacing your front channels any day soon, but they'll probably go a long way when it comes to pleasing a design-happy significant other who's sick of big rectangles.