Pangea Courts Vinyl Enthusiasts with New Accessories

Audio accessory specialist Pangea Audio will showcase three new products for vinyl enthusiasts at next week’s Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, which runs October 5-7 in Denver.

Designed for use with speakers and AV racks and stands, the new Sonic Saucers Isolation Discs (pictured above) are said to reduce unwanted floor vibrations while protecting furniture and floors. The discs are made of machined brass, finished in black or brass, and available in 1-inch ($19.95) and 1.5-inch ($29.95) sizes. Each disc supports up to 100 pounds.

The new Clean Sweep Record Brush ($19.95) “feels good in the hand” and uses ultra-fine bristles to clean dirt embedded deeply in record grooves to improve sound and protect the turntable’s stylus from damage. The brush can be used dry or with a cleaning fluid.

Pangea is also demonstrating its recently introduced Premier SE Phono Cable ($80), a 4-foot RCA-to-RCA cable featuring Cardas “grade one copper” conductors and an integrated ground cable encased in nylon insulated with thermoplastic rubber. Designer Jay Victor said the cable carries left- and right-channel information over three different gauge cables to ensure a “balanced response.”