Panasonic's Fitness Solutions

I'll be the first to admit that working out indoors sucks. Compared to the distractions of the outdoors, being stuck in front of a television set while exercising can be dreadful.

However, Panasonic is showing off a new "Family Wellness Solution" that looks like fun. Well, as fun as exercising inside can be.

Ceatec_2008_006_270x202_2 Shown at Ceatec 2008, Panasonic is taking integrated home living to the next level. The Total Living Space Solution contains a video wall and will keep track of the whole family's fitness. You create a customized fitness profile. Then, using Wii-like gestures, you can choose between a video-based fitness class instructor or a specific workout. The system will keep track of the entire family's workouts.

I would love to challenge my brother to a virtual marathon, but the system won't be available for another three to five years. Hey, bro', you have time to start training! -Leslie Shapiro


Photos courtesy of Wikipedia-ShinyFan and CNET