Panasonic puts Twitter on its HDTVs


Twitter, it seems, is inescapable. It's on computers, cell phones, iPads/Phones/Pods, and now it's coming to Panasonic VieraCast HDTVs. The company just announced that several of its VieraCast plasma HDTVs will be getting Twitter Internet apps, and that down the road some Panasonic Blu-ray Players will also get Twitter features.

Currently, Twitter is hitting Panasonic's VT20, VT25, G20, and G25 HDTVs. Users with these HDTVs will be able to tweet all they want using the remote or a keyboard plugged into the HDTV's USB connections. The press release hinted that Twitter could also come to the company's VieraCast Blu-ray Disc players in the future.

Will Greenwald

[Source: CrunchGear]