Out With the Old, In With the...Old?

While most folks are trying to figure out how to get the latest TV technology before the switch to digital, one ingenious and resourceful man in England took a unique approach to the problem.

Instead of ditching the black and white console television his father bought way back in 1957, Richard Howard renovated it for the digital era. Apparently, it's the oldest set ever to be converted to digital.

Article10251430189789e00000578747_4The antique television was updated in the 80's when UK TV switched from 405 lines to 625 lines, and once again, it's been completely updated. He added a Freeview box that lets analog sets receive a digital signal, and renovators replaced 13 capacitors, the brightness knob, and a lead that keeps the tube from burning out.

A report in the Daily Mail that the TV takes about ten seconds to warm up, and has that classic old TV smell as it warms up.

With a screen size of only 17", it's hard to say if there's a noticeable improvement now that it has a digital signal, but one thing's for sure: anyone who's complaining about their old TV needs to just shut up.-Leslie Shapiro

Photos and story via Daily Mail