Optoma Rolls Out 3 Budget Projectors

Optoma has introduced three 1080p projectors, ranging in price from $649 to $1,399, including its first laser projectors designed for gaming.

The GT1090HDR ($1,399) and HZ39HDR ($1,199) gaming projectors support HDR10 and HLG high dynamic range (HDR) and are rated for 4,200 and 4,000 lumens of brightness, respectively, with a 300,000:1 contrast ratio (with Extreme Black model enabled). The former is a short-throw model capable of projecting a 100-inch (diagonal) image when placed 3 feet from the screen/wall.

Both models support 4K input via HDMI 2.0 and are equipped with a “maintenance-free” DuraCore laser light rated to last up to 30,000 hours (in Eco mode). Both also carry a five-year (or 12,000-hour) light warranty with a one-year parts-and-labor warranty on the projector.

The GT1090HDR has two speakers powered by a built-in 2 x 10-watt amplifier and features four-corner and auto keystone correction with ±30° horizontal and vertical adjustment. The HZ39HDR has a single 10-watt speaker and provides ±30° vertical keystone correction.

Shared features include the ability to project images up to 300 images (diagonal), VGA input, 0.8-2.0 digital zoom (the HZ39 also offers 1.3x optical zoom), compatibility with 3D Blu-ray Discs, a full-function remote control, and HDMI-link for controlling the projector and connected devices from one remote. An Enhanced Gaming Mode that supports refresh rates up to 120 Hz and a response time of 8.4ms will be available via a firmware update in the April-May time frame.

Rounding out the offering is the HD28HDR home entertainment projector ($649), rated for 3,600 lumens of brightness with a contrast ratio of 50,000:1, and featuring an HDMI 2.0 input and Enhanced Gaming Mode. The projector is equipped with ±40° keystone correction and 1.1x optical zoom and is able to project images up to 300 inches (diagonal).

For more information, visit optoma.com.

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I find it interesting that it took until there was serious competition from larger LCD TVs before projector prices started to become reasonable. Wouldn't it have been nice if they were affordable years ago? They would have sold a bunch and made more profit, but they were greedy. Not much goes into a projector, so why charge so much? I guess, it is what the market will bear, but Henry Ford figured out long ago that he could change the world and become crazily rich by selling at a low price and make it up in volume.