One For All with All For One Remotes

One For All is already known for being a manufacturer of innovative universal remote controls. They've just unveiled two product lines, with a remote for everyone.

For the high-end crowd, the new Xsight is an exciting new product line. Looking quite sexy, the Xsight has a touchscreen, full color LCD display, touch-slide navigation, and it will control up to 18 devices. You can program your favorite stations, set up user profiles for the whole family and it has a great learning function. One For All designed a set-up system that lets you use the remote almost immediately after opening the package. It's available in two models: the Touch ($281) uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, while the Color ($210) uses AAA batteries.

Not looking for such a fancy remote? Want something equally cool, but less pricey?

While certainly not as hot as the Xsight, the new Protecto series of remotes are also a bit of an attention getter. The Protecto line is designed to be more rugged. You know that some folks are bit harder on their remotes - who hasn't been watching the NFL and thrown one across the room when your favorite receiver drops the ball? Really, just me?

Protecto4 There are four models, from a single TV remote control up to the Protecto 4, able to control up to 4 devices. Not completely dumbed-down devices, the Protectos can learn macros to execute a series of commands with one button. The learning function isn't nearly as slick as the Xsight, but it can learn from a conventional remote. The prices range from $28 to $43.

Right now, only a European release is promised, but as soon as they're released stateside, I'm clearing out that pile of remotes that clutter my coffee table. Except for the one I threw at the TV last Sunday. It didn't survive. -Leslie Shapiro

Xsight and Protecto