Obvious: Avatar is the most pirated Blu-ray Disc

First Avatar became the highest grossing film of all time. Now it looks like Avatar is the most illicitly downloaded Blu-ray Disc of all time.

According to BitTorrent blog Torrentfreak, over 200,000 copies of the Avatar Blu-ray Disc have been been downloaded in just four days since the disc's release. That's only the Blu-ray Disc version of the film; significantly more copies of the DVD release have been downloaded.

This is every bit a testament to the growing popularity of Blu-ray as it is of Avatar's popularity. The Blu-ray Disc version contains over 10 gigabytes of data, which is a significant amount to download on any broadband connection.

I wouldn't be too worried about the piracy digging into sales of the Blu-ray Disc, though. In the days since the film was released, over 2.7 million copies have been purchased.

Will Greenwald

[Source: Torrentfreak via CrunchGear]