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All the concern advertisers have expressed about reduced views due to time-shifted DVR recording may be overblown. No question that's true when it comes to the Super Bowl, where a good portion of viewers are as psyched to see the high-profile commercials as they are to watch the game.

Mediaweek reports that data released by media agency Starcom shows that time-shifted commercial viewing added as much as a third more rating points to last year's Super Bowl live game telecast on CBS. Starcom based its findings on data compiled by TiVo's Stop//Watch panel of 20,000 viewers and from 300,000 Charter Communications customers in Los Angeles.

The biggest beneficiaries were Chevrolet, who nabbed 31 percent more viewership of its commercial from the time-shift world and Doritos, which brought in an additional 30 percent. Two Bud Light commercials got 28 and 27 percent surplus views. Fedex, and General Motors also pulled in more eyeballs thanks to time-shifters.

And if this year's Super Bowl is a dud, viewers may take breaks during the game and come back for the ads.--Rebecca Day