New Vudu with YouTube

Say that three times fast.  The Internet-based set-top box is getting bigger. Not physically, but the features and sites it connects to is growing.

The latest? YouTube, Flickr, and Picasa, plus on-demand TV from the NBC family, ABC, CBS, Discovery, ESPN, and over a hundred others.

Vudu has plans to open their platform to external program developers, so expect more applications in the future.

How does the on-demand content look?

Product_vudu_1 Honestly, first reviews aren't great. Early reports state that the signal is low-quality, stuttering, and in general, not nearly the quality that you would expect from the same box that hosts Blu-ray-quality HDx downloads.

Give it time, though.  Vudu has great things to offer, and should fix early bugginess shortly. We hope. —Leslie Shapiro


Screenshot courtesy of GearLog