New Video Switcher Solves Many Install Problems

Is your video system proliferating out of control? Do you have too many sources? Or do you want to feed multiple displays from the same source? Tributaries Cable has designed the VX2 "video integration system" with you in mind.

This ingenious device can accept up to eight video inputs regardless of type and "translate" them to the highest-quality input your display can handle. Whether your source is component, composite, S-video, or RGB, the VX2 can output any or all of them to feed projectors, television receivers, monitors, or recorders. It can also act as a distribution amp, feeding the signal from a single source to several displays.

Got a source with S-video out and a monitor with RGB inputs? No problem. With only one input and one output card, the VX2 acts as an interface between incompatible devices, translating one type of video signal into several others simultaneously.

The VX2 owes its versatility to its modular design. Like a computer, the device has twelve card slots, eight of which can be used for input receivers. The other four can be used as outputs. You can also set up the VX2 for a single input and 11 outputs. The VX2 can also be daisy-chained to others via an expansion card and cable, allowing the use of as many sources or displays as you have in a system. Applications include video production and editing, education, security systems, industrial production and home entertainment.

In addition to a line of high-quality audio and video cables, Tributaries Cable makes several unique video products, including an S-Video booster that eliminates signal losses and color shifts when using very long cables, and a "ground loop" breaker to stop audio and video noise caused by electrical grounding problems. The VX2 video integrator includes processing circuitry to eliminate annoying glitches and artifacts from the image. Each VX2 measures 17" W x 14" D x 4.5" H---completely in scale with most consumer electronics---and can be configured to your specifications. Prices vary from $2000 to $3000 per unit depending on configuration.