New Projectors Debut

No doubt about it, the markets for video projection systems for home theater use is a hot one, and two new companies are preparing to jump into the fire. The first is Accurate Imaging Technologies, which will be launched officially at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week by James Wellnitz, former president and CEO of Vidikron of America, and Bob Rosser, president and owner of custom installation retailer, Ultimate Entertainment.

The new company says it will specialize in the sales and support of high-performance video systems for the home theater market as well as consumer interface technologies. Product offerings are expected to include high-performance video projectors, digital video image processors, leading-edge DVD players, and a "very unique" modular projection system.

According to AIT, sales will be conducted through a network of national dealers and international distributors. Six new projectors are planned, including the Ultimate Modular which the company describes as a unique two-piece front projection system featuring separate component housings for the CRTs and the electronics, and the Ultimate 9-X, described as a flagship CRT-based projector featuring 9-inch tubes, extensive image enhancements, and a retail price of $75,000.

Additional image enhancement products available from AIT include the Ultimate Processor series of digital video image processors, ranging in price from $45,000 to $120,000, and an HDTV scaler for generating images in 720p and 1080i HDTV viewing formats. The company says it will also offer the Ultimate DVD, a "state-of-the-art" DVD player fully compatible with both the DVD-A and SACD audio formats, and the DVD Max, a player featuring "D1 image quality" and a digital input board for CRT projectors as well as a digital converter set.

Joining AIT in the high-end video projector business will be a new company from Pleasantville, NY called Reference Imaging, formed by home theater and electronics veterans Robert Zuch and Chris Stephens. Although no specific products have been announced prior to CES, Zuch says that his company's research and development with video projectors "has resulted in products capable of producing the best images at any price point. Our systems offer state-of-the-art video up-conversion and projection, producing near high definition images from standard definition sources."