New Plasma Displays Hit the Shelves

In recent months, Fujitsu has steadily lowered the prices for its groundbreaking 42" plasma display (see previous story), while steadily improving the basic design's performance. Last week, the company announced that the newest models will be jumping back up in price with the latest additions to their Plasmavision product line, the PDS4221 and PDS4222. These two new models increase the number of current Plasmavision offerings to seven.

According to the company, the new displays have a cabinet depth of only 3.3", measure 42" diagonally, and weigh 69 pounds. But the big news is that the new screens are 92% brighter than Fujitsu's previous generation of plasma displays. The PDS4221 and PDS4222 support various high-definition resolutions and all hi-def video sources, and are also PC- and Mac-compatible. The catch: the new screen has a suggested list price of $15,999.

Tedd Rozylowicz, vice president of sales and marketing, states that "Fujitsu has been the driving force in plasma innovation for over 30 years. We want to emphasize and maintain our leadership role. Not only do we want to anticipate features which will define our added value in the marketplace, we want to provide the proper support to our distribution channels to help them best serve their customers."