New Tablo App & Adapter Enable Off-Air TV Recording

Nuvyyo, maker of Tablo over-the-air (OTA) DVRs, today announced the availability of a tuner adapter and free app aimed at cord cutters who want to watch and record HDTV broadcasts without adding DVR hardware.

Recording functionality is enabled by downloading the Tablo Engine app and connecting the new Tablo Tuner USB adapter ($70) to a TV antenna and the Android TV-based Nvidia Shield streaming device.

Unlike Tablo's network-connected DVRs, which stream live and recorded HDTV content to multiple devices, the adapter/app combo is designed for cord cutters who want to watch content on a television connected to the Nvidia Shield via HDMI.

The app facilitates DVR recording with 14-day scheduling and one-click series recording and enables viewers to pause and rewind live TV and access broadcast channels via an onscreen program guide. Dolby 5.1 passthrough is supported for routing surround sound to an external audio system.

Internal storage or available USB storage is required and the tuner/app combo is currently restricted to use with the Nvidia Shield but Nuvyyo says its working on expanding support to additional devices. Recordings are saved in MPEG2 format to the Nvidia Shield’s internal storage (on Pro home media server models) or to a separate USB-connected hard drive (on 16-GB streaming media models or on Pro models when using optional expanded storage).

Available for free download from the Google Play store, the app includes a 30-day trial of Tablo’s program guide subscription, which costs $3.99 a month or $39.99 a year. Nuvyyo has expanded the free trial period to six months if you purchase a Tablo Tuner before the end of August at To claim the extended free subscription, you have to register via a link provided in an order confirmation email.

You can watch live TV and access a live TV program grid without a subscription but manual (date/time/channel/show) recordings, one-touch series recordings, cover art, and full TV guide data, including program synopses, are available only with an active subscription.

“Consumers are frustrated with the cost and lack of choice offered by today’s pay TV subscriptions,” said Nuvyyo CEO Grant Hall. “We’ve designed Tablo Engine to address the needs of more traditional cord cutters who simply prefer to watch programs on their primary TV set from the comfort of their couch, versus those who value the flexibility and mobility of our network-based Tablo OTA DVRs which allow you to enjoy OTA TV anywhere, on any device.”

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