New Disc in Town?

I'm not sure what to make of this. First, the facts: An outfit called Royal Digital Media has announced it will market an optical disc format to rival and surpass Blu-ray. Possibly developed by, and named for, Dreamstream, the new format would be able to store up to 100GB and would use 2048-bit "military-strength encryption" The latter technology, at least, is outlined on the Dreamstream web site.

Furthermore, the disc would be able to display 1920p video that would "transform perceptions of high-definition." Royal Digital Media would "replace traditional DVD technologies with a comprehensive, next generation HD system." Available in 2009, the players would use "inexpensive red laser technology," and the price would "equal" those of DVD players.

Now, for starters, DVD players are selling for 30 bucks. I highly doubt anyone would, or would want to, market a new disc format for 30 bucks. Second, Sony and everyone else is struggling to get Blu-ray off the ground, so the odds of an unknown company successfully competing against them are extremely long, Third, how many people have 1920p TVs? Fourth, experimental Blu-ray discs have already easily surpassed its standard 50GB limit and if anyone thought it was necessary, a higher capacity BD disc could be marketed. Fifth — oh, never mind. Ken C. Pohlmann