New Bluetooth Speaker Is Kanto’s “Most Advanced”

Kanto, maker of the Top Pick-designated SYD speaker, is now taking pre-orders for TUK, a new Bluetooth speaker it describes as its “most advanced speaker system ever.”

Unveiled at CES 2019, TUK will sell for $800 when it becomes available in early September. The speaker mates a new Air Motion Transformer (AMT) tweeter with a concave-cone aluminum woofer and a 2 x 65-watt amplifier in a simple 11-inch-tall cabinet, available in black or white and equipped with a fabric grille that attaches magnetically.

The tweeter employs a pleated low-mass diaphragm that pushes back and forth to move air, a configuration known for its outstanding high-frequency resolution, clarity, and transient response.

Integrated digital signal processing (DSP) is said to optimize sound quality and provides equalization presets that can be customized for each input using the supplied remote control.

In addition to high-quality aptX HD-enabled Bluetooth streaming, the speaker provides analog RCA and minijack, optical digital, and phono inputs plus a USB charging input and subwoofer output with an 80-Hz active crossover. A USB digital-to-analog converter (DAC) and headphone amp are also onboard.

Kanto says the TUK is ideally suited for nearfield and desktop listening. “We created TUK as an easy to use, compact speaker system that lets listeners step up to high-quality sound on a level usually heard from audio separates,” said marketing manager Brett Smalley.

The speaker includes minijack-to-RCA and USB cables.

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